This is weird thing that happened when I was younger, but it’s all in my head

Strange things happen when you grow up in different places and have different experiences.

When I was growing up in rural Australia, I remember being in a very small town in Tasmania, with very few people, and a lot of little things happening in our small town, things like a car going by on the highway, a person pulling up behind me, and the person behind me pulling up in their car, and one time someone in the back of the car threw a rock at me and my friend, and I didn’t see it.

It was a really big one, it was about a foot in diameter, and it hit us in the chest and we had to call the police and get a paramedic to go to the scene, and there was a little kid that was in the car and the car’s driver, I don’t remember his name, but I remember him being in the front of the vehicle with the kid, and then the car pulled over, the kid jumped out and hit the driver of the other car, I was really scared.

So I went to the police station, they told me, ‘No, it’s not your fault, we didn’t hit the kid in the head, it wasn’t the kid that hit you.’

And so that was my first real confirmation, and so my whole life I was trying to get my mind off things.

It’s been about a decade since that time, and now that I’m older, I think about it, and sometimes I feel that the same thing is happening.

I have a friend who’s a very tall person, who has a very long beard and wears glasses and I think he has a bit of an obsession with things that he sees.

He keeps saying to me, well, you know, he has these weird little things going on around him, he says, ‘It’s like when you were a child, you just wanted to be a dog or a fox or something’.

And it’s sort of like, well I can see it now, it feels a bit weird.

But that’s how I feel.

It feels weird when I’m young, I’m like, ‘Oh no, I wish I was like that’.

It feels really strange.

There are certain things that are so weird and strange that you just can’t explain to someone who is not a child.

And so it is weird to be young, and strange to be grown up, but also strange to realise that your own childhood has been so weird.

That’s a huge part of it.

If you’ve got a lot more time on your hands, if you can get some of that to go away and it’s just sort of a weird thing, then you’ll understand a lot about your own life.

That might just be me, I’ll be surprised when I find that out.