Stranger Things 3 is ‘a whole new level’ of storytelling, EW says

By Emily OrgelApril 24, 2018 09:59:51The second season of Netflix’s sci-fi/horror show Stranger Things will get its biggest new twist yet.

The third season of the series will follow a new story, set in the near future where Hawkins Hawkins has been kidnapped by an evil group known as The Hounds, and the Hawkins family has no way to return him to his family, which is being hunted down by the mysterious group.

The Hounds have also taken control of Hawkins’ new family, and have set up a base in Hawkins’ hometown of Upside Down.

The Hound leader is also Hawkins’ ex-wife, Joyce (Jenna Fischer), who has escaped to New York.

Joyce is also a member of a new team of young survivors that Hawkins has assembled in his new home of Hawkinsville, Indiana.

They are called The Upside-Down Crew.

Joyces former partner, Mike (Nathan Fillion), who had become Hawkins’ assistant, was also captured and taken to Upside, where he is being kept prisoner by The Hogs, an evil force.

Hawkins now faces the threat of being hunted by The Upsides dark forces, who are now looking for him.

The first season of Stranger Things featured the Hawkins kids reuniting with their parents, who were kidnapped by a group of aliens called The Order, and they soon learn that they are trapped in an alternate dimension.

Hawkins, now with a full-time job at Hawkinsville Community College, now has to navigate a world that is full of strange and disturbing creatures, and a dark force that is intent on taking over Hawkinsville.

In this new season, Hawkins is forced to team up with a group that is led by a new leader named Dr. Hopper (Aidan Gillen), and together they set off on a journey to stop the Order from taking over the universe.