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When a young man’s house in New York City goes up in flames, the question of how he got there is not easy to answer.

The answer may surprise you.

It all started when a neighbor spotted the charred remains of a home in an apartment complex that burned down in 2010, killing five people.

The neighbor who found the charred building told ABC News he knew something was wrong because he had seen people running from it in the days after.

When he went out and called the fire department, he heard a firefighter who was working in the building.

The firefighter said he saw flames that looked like “a fire hose.”

He also saw some of the debris, including “a pile of clothes and clothing parts that looked to be clothing parts and the remains of people.”

In the days and weeks that followed, the firefighters saw some bodies and a pile of charred clothing that looked more like people than a fire.

In fact, a man was found with a small plastic bag and clothes that looked suspiciously like those of a missing person, but when they examined him later, they found no identification.

Then in October of 2011, the fire took a dramatic turn when a man came home and said he had been inside his neighbor’s house and had been watching a TV show when he noticed something unusual on the TV.

He said he found some clothes on the floor that were in “a weird way.”

He called police and the fire marshal told them there was an “unusual event” going on in the apartment complex.

The next day, the woman told the New York Police Department that she and her husband were “out in the street” when she heard “a very loud explosion” and then a loud bang and she ran outside.

She found her husband dead on the street and she also saw his head blown off.

A month later, the New Jersey State Police received a 911 call reporting a man screaming in the middle of the night.

He had been shot in the chest and his clothing was scattered on the ground.

A short time later, a police officer found a body in the driveway of a nearby house.

He told police he had fired two shots at the man and he was shot in his chest.

The police officer who responded to the call told ABC that he had no idea why the man was screaming in a dark house.

The man was also shot in both legs.

The State Police said they were looking into the possibility that the victim had been involved in a fight in the parking lot of the apartment building where the murder took place.

But there was no indication of who the victim might be.

The man who was shot and killed in 2011 has never been identified, and his family has been searching for answers for years.

They said in a statement that they are still trying to piece together the events of 2011.ABC News’ Emily Emslie and Michael Belsky contributed to this report.