How To Tell The Difference Between ‘The Wild Thing’ And The Other Two Riffs And Be More Careful With Your Words

When Alexei stranger Things and the Good Thing came out in 2013, I was pretty excited to see that the first two tracks were collaborations.

Then, I realized they were not the same.

I didn’t understand what they were supposed to sound like, and that’s when I realized that these two songs sounded like different things, and it was a real shock to me.

So it was kind of a bummer to see those two songs on their own.

The Good Thing is about a man who’s living in a dreamworld where he has the ability to make the world as he wants, and he has to do it with some kind of magical wand, but he’s also afraid of people.

Alexei Stranger Things is about him being scared of people, but also having a lot of hope that things will get better.

The two songs share similar structure and sound, but it’s unclear if they’re meant to be linked.

You can check out the lyrics from the Good Things track above, or the Stranger Things song above.

Both songs are pretty heavy on the horns and percussion, and they sound a bit more complex than the more straightforward Good Things tracks.

But if you want to learn more about the differences between the two, you can listen to the two tracks below, which we’ll be posting as soon as we can find them.