Stranger Things star returns home to find family still living

Stranger Things stars Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown were spotted in New York City on Friday for a screening of the upcoming Stranger Things season 2.

It was a small screening at the historic Waldorf Astoria, but when the actors got to the film’s final scene, the whole family was there.

The movie is set in the same universe as the original, and stars Winona Ryder, Michael Fassbender, Finn Wolfhough and Amber Benson.

Finn was seen sitting on the red carpet alongside his co-stars as the audience cheered and applauded.

Fans of the show were happy to see the show’s cast reunited for the big screen, and the whole cast shared their memories of filming the show on social media.

“It was definitely a really special experience.

It was fun, it was amazing, and I’m so happy to be here for the film,” said Wolfhaug, who also starred as the leader of the Upside Down.

Funny or Die has put together a special Stranger Things poster featuring the cast.

The film was made in Ireland by David Lowery and was filmed in Ireland.

It is the first time that the Stranger Things franchise has been shown in the US since the season 1 finale.

The cast of Stranger Things is set to return for a second season in 2019.