This ‘supermodel’ is a ‘huge help’ to her son’s mental health

A ‘super model’ who is helping her son with mental health issues is “a huge help” to him, his mother says.

The model, who goes by the name of Sarah, has worked with the mother of his two sons and has a blog dedicated to raising awareness about mental health.

Sarah says her sons “are all very happy, loving people.

They have great jobs.

They go to the gym.

I think they’re very happy people.

And I think I’ve got a lot of confidence in my sons’ ability to make things work.

I really thought they were going to go crazy. “

So I was very worried.

I really thought they were going to go crazy.

I was worried about them having to do this or that.”

But Sarah says she has found out the boys’ father, who she says is in his 50s, is a recovering alcoholic who has tried suicide.

Sarah also says she “gave up” trying to talk to her sons, who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Sarah’s blog has also featured videos of Sarah with her sons talking about their difficulties.

She says that while she’s grateful for the positive response from the boys, she also feels like her husband and children have a lot to learn from her.

Sarah and her sons say their father is “one of the most amazing people I know.”

The mother says her son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5 and struggled with learning.

“He just couldnt cope,” Sarah says.

“I was so worried about him.

He was a lot more anxious and irritable than normal.”

Sarah says the father “took it hard.”

“He said, ‘I can’t be this way.’

And I was like, ‘Why?’

He said, “I can never understand it.

It’s just not real.’

“Sarah says when her son finally spoke about his struggles, he said he “got the hang of it.

He started to get a bit depressed and he was really struggling. “

It was so hard.

He started to get a bit depressed and he was really struggling.

I just knew that was a really bad sign,” Sarah told ABC News.

Sarah adds that her son told her he wanted to kill himself.

“But he said, I know it’s not real.

I know that, I can deal with it,” Sarah said.

Sarah has had her first child, a boy, in September 2018.

She told ABC news that her husband has also struggled with ADHD.

“My husband is really stressed out.

He’s got a ton of anxiety and a lot in his head.

And he’s also a recovering addict,” Sarah explained.

“That makes him really hard on himself.”

Sarah said her son is very open with her and she believes he has overcome “a lot of the stuff” she’s faced as a result of the diagnosis.

Sarah added that she hopes that people will be able to talk about the positive impact that having a child can have on someone.

“Hopefully we’ll be able talk about it a little bit more and hopefully people can listen,” Sarah added.