How to sew the world’s most popular sweater

The world’s first knit sweater has finally arrived in Australia, with the world-famous TARDIS hat.

The world’s leading knit sweater, a product of decades of knitting techniques, was launched in Melbourne last week.

A new TARDIS is also on the way, with a range of different styles and styles of TARDIS-themed accessories for the festive season.TARDIS hat designer Robyn Smith said the hat had been the inspiration for the creation of the TARDIS TARDIS.

“We were inspired by the characters and adventures of Doctor Who,” Ms Smith said.

“This hat represents the Doctor in all of his incarnations and, as such, is very iconic and has become synonymous with the Tardis.”

The TARDIS was designed by designer Rob Logue and launched in 1962, just six years after the television series first aired.

Ms Smith said that for years she had been wanting to create a TARDIS design that would look more like the one on the television show, and it finally came together this year.

“When I designed it, I realised that I needed to give it some texture and contrast to the colour palette of the show,” Ms Jones said.

Tardis were originally designed to save the Doctor, but were later made to protect the Time Lord from the Daleks, the evil aliens who rule the universe.

The Tardises can travel between universes and are used to transport the Doctor and his companions around the multiverse, or to return him to Earth when he returns from time travel.

“I think that the TARDIS hat is one of the most iconic hats in the world,” Ms Logue said.

“It’s the first time it’s come to Australia and I think that it’s a real hit with fans.”

The hat was also the inspiration behind the design of the companion outfit that was made for the first two seasons of Doctor Strange.

“It’s a really fun thing to wear, it’s the most colourful hat that we’ve ever made,” Ms Brown said.

The TARDISE hat is available at Woolworths, Woolworth’s in Sydney and Woolworth in Melbourne.