How to crochet a hoodie from scratch

If you want to get started on a hoody project, here are some of the things you’ll need: How to crochet the hoodie (or hoodie jacket, for that matter)Step 1: Cut out your pattern pieces and get started!

 We’ll be making a simple hoodie that we’ll be wearing for our next visit to the mall.

We’ll start with a small piece of fabric to start.

 Cut a strip of fabric the width of your thumb and use it to draw out your hoodie pattern piece.

Step 2: Pin the piece to the hood and sew.

Pin the hood onto the hood piece with two short pieces of elastic.

Make sure you don’t overpin the hood so it won’t stick out of your pocket.

Step 3: Hang the hood on your head and make sure you have plenty of room to keep the hood closed.

Don’t worry if the hood is a little loose in the back – it won’st stick out in the front!

Step 4: Use a crochet hook to make a loop around the front and then pull it all the way down.

Stitch the back of the loop through the front of the hood.

Repeat on the other side.

Tip: The hood will be a little tight in the middle, so be sure to get it in the right place to start!

This is how it should look when you’re finished.

This hoodie has been crocheted from the beginning of this tutorial.

You can follow along with the tutorial here.

Step 5: Hang it up!

We’re going to hang the hood up for a quick photo shoot and maybe for a movie.

I’m not sure what I’m going to shoot with this hoodie right now.

So, we’re going take a look at the instructions for hanging a hood and then show you how to make your own.

Step 6: Hook it up to your camera!

Now that we have our hood in place, it’s time to get to making it!

Make a little loop with your crochet hook.

Pull it all around the back to hang it.

Use the end of your crochet to sew the hood down.

Tip: It’s a good idea to make sure your crochet loop has a tight, even fit to make it easy to sew. 

Step 7: Cut a new loop around your new loop.

Once you’ve made that loop, fold it in half.

Using the end that you folded, sew the new loop into the hole that you cut out.

We’ll start at the bottom of the old loop and work our way up.

Step 8: Pin it down and hang!

Next up, you’re going have to make an easy-to-sew stitch on the backside of your hood. 

The easiest way to do this is with a crochet stitch.

Find your crochet stitch, line it up with the back side of your loop, and sew your way around. 

Tip: If you’ve never sewed before, it can be a bit difficult to do it correctly.

To make your hoods easier to sew, you can use a crochet thread or a straight stitch.

If you’re a crocheter with an eye for detail, I would definitely recommend using crochet stitches. 

I’ve included the two tutorials in this tutorial, however, you may want to grab the full set if you haven’t yet! 

Step 9: Hang your hood on a wall!

I know this seems simple, but I just love hanging hoodies on my wall!

We can use them for projects we can’t wear in public, as well as hanging them from trees, and even from your favorite lamp post!

You can make your first hoodie for your next visit here!