When Will ‘Stranger Things’ Finish? (Ep. 36)

Posted October 30, 2018 09:04:58It’s the fourth episode of Stranger Things season three and the fourth to feature two young actors sharing the role of a young boy.

But the other two episodes are a bit different, as the show’s lead character, Eleven, is a little older.

Eleven’s first appearance as an adult is in this episode, and the showrunner has already teased a little more about the character’s backstory.

During a live event on Monday night, co-creator Matt Duffer and showrunner Mike Schur teased that Eleven’s story will be a bit less “strange” than we’ve seen in previous seasons.

“This will be something very different,” said Duffer.

“It will be very different, because we’re starting off with a very young character.

So we’re trying to make her story a little different.”

Eleven is set to arrive in the Hawkins-like Upside Down town of Hawkins, Indiana in this season, and her arrival has already drawn some reaction from the fans.

“I think it’s great.

I think it does what it needs to do.

It’s really fun,” said one fan on Instagram.

“She’s kind of like a weird kid that’s been put on a pedestal.

So it’s a nice touch,” added another.

One fan even posted a photo of Eleven in her school uniform, with the caption, “I like how this little girl has been given a little bit of freedom to go on her own adventure.”

“It’s so great.

It just feels so right, and I think that’s one of the things that’s kind to me about Stranger Things, is that the show doesn’t necessarily have an end point,” Duffer said.

“When you watch a kid go on a journey with someone who they don’t know, you know they’ve really come to terms with it and they’re not going to get it back.

That’s kind