Stranger Things: The secret to a successful show is being different

A special surprise for Stranger Things fans.

The cult hit show has been renewed for a second season, and it’s coming with a brand new cast and a brand-new story.

Here are a few things to look out for.

What’s new: The first season was a huge hit.

Its ratings were huge, and the fans of the show were so enthusiastic, that it inspired a second series.

But the new season is much different from the first.

It’s more of a standalone drama, and more focused on the Upside Down.

The cast is all returning, but this time around they’re joined by a new cast member – Josh Hartnett.

It feels like a bigger, badder version of the character he played in the original series, as he now has an unexpected new role.

Season two will be a lot more focused.

We’ve already seen that, as Hawkins has to deal with a mysterious and powerful new antagonist.

But Season 2 will also feature the Upsides Down’s return, with Hawkins trying to get back on the show, and Finn and the kids learning about what they can do to save their world.

What to expect: The new season will have a more “mainstream” tone.

The show will be more serious and realistic, but there won’t be any gore or violence.

There will also be more characters, and new characters to explore.

The Upsides down is back.

But it’s not just the Upsidedown.

The new episode is called “The End”.

And it ends with the Upsiding Down coming to a close.

That means that it’s going to be a bit darker and more scary, with the show trying to save the world.

The finale will be the big one, too.

But we can’t tell you anything about the ending just yet.

What is the cast?

We already know that the show is going to include a new and powerful character – Hawkins – who will try to save Hawkins’ world.

There’s also the return of Finn and The Kids.

The season 2 cast includes Michael McKean, Jesse Plemons, Michael Rooker, and Willa Holland.

But what about the new kids?

You’ve seen them in previous seasons, but what about new additions?

We can tell you a little bit about them.

There are two new kids from Season 1 – the twins – Finn and Willy, who are now adults and have been given a mission.

The third new character, Jake, is the son of the Upsidue, and he will be in the show.

There is also a new character called Trish who will be played by the amazing Amber Benson.

There have been rumours that she will be an actress.

What about the other characters?

You’ll also see some new characters introduced in Season 2, such as a mysterious new villain known as The Kingpin, who will eventually be able to stop Hawkins from getting back on.

And there will be some new faces in the town, too, with a couple of new characters – one a detective and the other a waitress.

It’ll be a little strange to see them all, but the show has also announced that it will feature a brand of coffee named after the character from the show – the Stranger Things.

It will be available in all of the new locations that we’ll see in the new episodes.

Season 2’s cast will include the following new additions: Michael McLeod as The Upsidedown – A new character introduced in the second season.

His name is Mikey – a.k.a. the Upshot.

He’s a new kind of villain, who can bring a new form of power to Hawkins.

The series also features a new set of characters, such a teacher named Rachel, a psychologist, and a boy named Noah.

What do we know about Season 2?

Season 2 starts filming on the first day of January.

The second season will feature two new episodes, with episodes 10 and 11 coming in April and May.

The first three episodes will feature Finn and his friends, with an extra episode featuring Finn’s friend, Willy.

Season 3 will air on April 6.

Season 4 will premiere on May 10.

Season 5 will air in late June, with Season 6 on July 1.

What can you expect from Season 2 in the coming weeks?

The show’s first season ended with a bang, and Season 2 is looking to bring that feeling back to Hawkins’ life.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.