When it comes to the colour of Christmas, you can only be girly or pink

Posted December 11, 2018 07:10:58 The colour of Christmas is purple.

The colour is traditionally red for the season, and purple for the time of year when the sun is out and the air is warm.

But this year, the colour is being used to denote the “purple” side of the holidays.

Queensland’s Queen is the most-watched television personality on Australian television, and she has been praised for her use of purple during the holidays to celebrate the birth of her daughter, Princess Charlotte.

But her popularity was put under the spotlight this year after a series of controversial comments she made on Twitter in 2016, including comparing her birthday to the birthday of a child with autism.

In a series in 2017, she was accused of being racist after suggesting white children with autism were better than non-white children, and that they were not “real Australians”.

It has also been reported that she was filmed making offensive comments about the colour blue.

The Queen has since apologised, and the matter has been put to rest.

She has also come under fire for not including a statement about the royal birth in her official book, The Queen’s Jubilee.

The book, released in December, also contained an unscripted section on the birthdays of Australian women who were not Australian citizens at the time.

As the ABC has reported, the book also includes comments about black Australians, as well as a reference to the Queen’s “beautiful” blue hair.