Trump slams media on ‘bad things’ lyrics

Trump on Saturday criticized the media for the way they were portraying him in the wake of his latest feud with the news media.

In a statement to The Hill, Trump said he “strongly disagreed” with the way he was portrayed during the 2016 presidential race, and accused CNN of “bad things.”

The President’s comments came after CNN’s Anderson Cooper pressed him on the “bad” things he said about the media during a debate with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump told Cooper that he “had a great debate with CNN.

It was a great interview.

It wasn’t a bad debate.”

The media has taken him out to a really great restaurant and a great restaurant has a very nice menu.

But CNN is bad, the President said.

And they’re bad.

And they’re not going to do well.

But they’re going to be worse than you, he said.

And the other night, I had a great conversation with CNN’s @jonathanferrari.

And I think they were very fair and they were really fair to me.

They’re good people.

And very fair.

CNN is very bad.

They’ve been very dishonest.

But it’s not like the other thing they did.

But the other one was a very bad thing.

I had the most negative debate in the history of our country, he added.

Trump, who has been at odds with the media over a series of controversies, also blamed his critics for portraying him as “soft” on Monday.

The media is bad because they cover me so lightly, he told reporters on Air Force One.

And then they make fun of me and then they attack me and they attack all of the people that support me.

So I’ve always said that.

And the media should be very careful what they do.

But I am very proud of my record.

I am the greatest job that’s ever been done by a human being.

And when you look at the fact that I’ve taken down ISIS, I’ve been there and I’ve gotten them out.

I have done everything that a president should be doing.

And I want to say this to you, and I say it to everybody, and it goes to the whole press corps and the entire country: You’re not making America great again.

You’re making yourself great again, he warned.

The White House said Trump also urged the media to “stop trying to spin” his words and to “just go after the facts.”

The tweet came a day after CNN reported that Trump called for the U.S. to drop its use of the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” in reference to terrorism.