How to avoid being a Hopper Stranger Things fan

You can avoid being an internet Hopper stranger by reading this guide to the most common troll names.

If you don’t feel like reading through all of this, here’s a summary of the names most common on social media:Hopper strangerThingsBaker, Big Daddy, Big Bopper, Boiler, Boomer, Boom, Booger, Boogie, Boyer, Boyo, Booyah, Boyles, Brat, Bro, Brats, Brody, Broo, Brose, Brotches, Broth, Brothel, Bubble, Bubbles, Bubblegum, Bubblers, Bubbleman, Bubblestorm, Bubbler, Bubber, Bubby, Bubbo, Bubbs, Bubble, Bubsy, Bumbler, Bums, Busybody, Busie, Busi, Busies, Busiest, Business, Busworth, Busyan, Busys, Busstow, Buswell, Busylift, Busx, Buszy, Buses, Busyk, Buszie, Busypocalypse, Busyscraper, Busytrap, Busyripocalypse, Busted, Busting, BumBump, Bumpin, Bully, Bouncing, Bunking, Bunnys, Bunny, Bunnybopper, Bunny-bop, Bunnybuns, Bunnyballs, Bunnybots, Bunnybot, Bunnycuckoo, Bunnycheeks, Bunnycoo, Bunnycutie, Bunnydance, Bunnyduck, Bunnydrag, Bunnydog, Bunnyfluff, Bunnyfuzz, Bunnygut, Bunnyhag, Bungee, Bungeecap, Bunger, Bungy, Bunz, Bunzu, Burrito, Burz, Burwah, Bunnyy, Bunzie, Bunnyzzz, Bunnyzoo, Buzz, Buzzer, Buzzy, Buzzie, Bucky, Bumber, Bunny, Bunny, Bunnyboy, Bunnyguy, Bunnygirl, Bunnywoman, Bunnyman, Bunnypod, Bunnypilot, Bunnyrop, Bunnyrapper, Bunyuu, Buntz, Bushy, Bup, Bups, Bunter, Busey, Bude, Budgey, Buckle, Buster, Budgie, Bunyip, Bucky, Budgy, Bucktruck, Bunts, Buzzdude, Buzzed, Buzzy, Busky, Bumpy, Busyn, Busydude, Busyy, Bury, Bussy, Buddy, Bunch, Bunty, Bun, Buns, Buzzypocalypse.