The truth is stranger things cake is worth more than the truth

The truth isn’t stranger things.

It’s not stranger than you think it is.

But that’s the thing about the truth.

It’s stranger than we think.

I used to think of the truth as being something that we can’t explain, but now it’s something we can.

I have a lot of friends that don’t know anything about anything and they talk about it in the most superficial way possible, but the truth is, it’s really really hard to explain to them.

The truth is so, so much stranger than what we think it’s supposed to be.

It makes us feel really stupid, really bad.

It makes us uncomfortable, and it’s not even that we don’t understand it, it just makes us so angry at ourselves for being ignorant of it.

It can be incredibly distressing.

But you can make it feel more comfortable by telling yourself that it’s more than we thought it was, that it isn’t something that only you know, and that you know it to be true.

It is more than you could ever possibly know.

That’s why I’m always so happy to share this cake.