What did we miss in the movie-review world?

A lot.

Here are the highlights: •  •  – The movie-writing scene was a good one. 

There was a real sense of unity in the room.

The director and cast were a bit like a team.

We all knew each other, and we all had a common vision.

 It was a great moment to get to know the movie’s cast.

It was an exciting one.

• “Beware the clown” – A joke about clowns in the film.

It was the kind of joke you never want to see repeated, even if you knew the director and star.

“I like to keep my cards close to my chest.”

• “I’m still not sure what you are doing, but if you come back with something different, let me know.”

– The actor who plays Tom Sawyer.

– It was funny that the director, Michael Mann, chose this moment to announce that he had a new film in the works.

–  “You’ve got to see this.”

– Tom Sawyer, the movie he plays in.