How to spot stranger things stickers

Stranger things stickers are a new trend.

Photo: Supplied More: The stickers are made by using a special type of polymer that can absorb liquids and other materials, which in turn creates a new polymer which has the ability to bond to the material.

The sticky material is also strong and water-resistant, but you can also spray it onto the stickers to make them waterproof.

There are three varieties of stickers.

Sticker 2: This sticker is made from polyurethane.

It has a shiny finish.

Panda stickers: These stickers have a glossy finish and can be used on your cars, homes, clothes and other surfaces.

Candy stickers: These stickers are more durable and are usually made from wax.

These are also water-repellent.

I Love the Hairy Things sticker: A little sticky.

Kiwi stickers: This sticker has a little white sticker that gives it a more natural look.

Vitamin stickers: A little sticky to the touch.

Boys stickers:These stickers are designed for boys and are available in several colours.

Men stickers: Some men like the look of these stickers.