What you need to know about the new Kanye West sweatshirt

When Kanye West took the stage at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, the rapper took a moment to make an interesting statement, the first one of many that will define his upcoming album.

“It’s a very simple question: Why would you buy something that you can’t wear?

I don’t like to wear a lot of stuff, and I don’ think it’s the right thing to do.

But I don”t have a lot to wear, so I don'” t care.

The question, and the answer, is, why would you invest in a sweatshirt?

And while West is likely aware that there’s a demand for his own product, he”ll also likely not know why.

As he explained on Twitter, the answer is simple: It”s good.”

I don” t have a good reason to buy a sweatsuit, he wrote.

I don t want to wear anything that doesn” t fit right.

It” s good for my soul.

I like to stand up, stand out.

It has nothing to do with being fashionable.

I dont wear much, but I”ve never had a problem with that.

I”m a fashion person, so it” s what I want.

I can”t say anything else, so that” s why.

The fact that West’s answer is an all-caps statement doesn”t surprise many.

A lot of the best Kanye West merchandise is a result of a relationship with his label, Roc Nation.

The rapper and company have collaborated on over 70 Kanye West products and have a massive catalog of merchandise for the brand.

The company has also collaborated with Kanye West on countless merchandise releases.

However, there are few things that are synonymous with Roc Nation merchandise more than the sweatshirts.

West has also made multiple collaborations with Nike.

Nike has been the label that West most closely resembles, with the former rapper wearing a Nike Flyknit sweatshirt in his new film “Thugs n Stones.”

It”z an interesting partnership for West, as Nike is a longtime partner of Roc Nation and its clothing line.

In fact, West has previously worn the Nike Air Yeezy 1X “Yeezy” sweatshirt.

In 2016, the label released a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1Xs and “Blackout” sneakers.

In 2018, Nike collaborated with West on a Nike Air Max “Supersonic” sweatshirt.

Kanye West also made a pair with Nike in 2019.

There is no denying that West is an icon with the Nike brand, and he certainly deserves a sweatspot.

But what” s the deal with the Kanye Wests sweatshirt is unclear.

“He”s a shitty person and they made a lot out of this shit, but that”s just it. “

I think Kanye has been an asshole with the company,” West said in 2016.

“He”s a shitty person and they made a lot out of this shit, but that”s just it.

He knows they”re the brand, so he”s not going to say anything about it.”

This lack of enthusiasm has been one of the reasons why West has chosen to focus on his own clothing line, which features the Kanye Werkz and Kanye West collection.

However and despite his apparent disdain for Roc Nation, West does not feel obligated to wear the company” s products.

The “Ye” rapper has stated that his own brand is “a good, great company.”

This is perhaps why he” s decided to make his own sweatshirt while speaking at the MTV Video Entertainment Awards.

West said he chose the brand because he felt it fit him.

“Because it is so comfortable, I feel like it”s so versatile, West told the crowd.

West is no stranger to wearing apparel in his own likeness, and his new sweatshirt represents a return to that style of clothing.