Wild Things: A New Song For ‘Tangled’ is a New Song for ‘Wild Things’

The first time I heard the song I was confused.“What is that?”I asked my mom.“It’s a song about something that happens in your head,” she said.I was still thinking about it, but now that I was in the car I […]

Stranger Things season 2: How we discovered the show and what to expect next

It’s been a while since Stranger Things fans were able to see the new season and its characters, but that’s only because it’s been so long since the series first started airing.But there’s been some great new info released this […]

New research finds that children’s ability to distinguish between the different types of objects in their world increases when they receive more toys

NEW YORK — A new study shows that children who receive more toy toys and dolls in their preschool years have more difficulty recognizing the different kinds of objects they see and feel in their surroundings.The findings, published in the […]