Wild Things: A New Song For ‘Tangled’ is a New Song for ‘Wild Things’

The first time I heard the song I was confused.“What is that?”I asked my mom.“It’s a song about something that happens in your head,” she said.I was still thinking about it, but now that I was in the car I […]

Which of the above are the creepiest and creepiest things you’ve heard in the past week?

The creepiest thing you’ve ever heard in your life is probably going to be a song.That’s the conclusion of an extensive study by researchers at Columbia University, which used audio-visual analysis to track the creepiness of music videos.The research found […]

Stranger Things 3 is ‘a whole new level’ of storytelling, EW says

By Emily OrgelApril 24, 2018 09:59:51The second season of Netflix’s sci-fi/horror show Stranger Things will get its biggest new twist yet.The third season of the series will follow a new story, set in the near future where Hawkins Hawkins has […]